Hair Donation

So often people grow their hair to have it then cut off, be it for a new hair style or to support cancer research, only to have this hair swept into a bin at a hairdressers or to be put into a cupboard as a memory. Hair is a valuable thing and even more so when you are a person who doesn’t have any due to Alopecia.

To be able to give to someone who has not, is a kind, generous and rewarding thing to do. Your hair that has taken so long to grow will be made into a beautiful wig for someone who really needs it. Not only will it give them the feeling of having their hair back, it will give them confidence, a return of self esteem, and allow them to be…..just like everyone else.

Hair donated to the Princess Charlotte Foundation is purchased by wig manufacturers who make wigs for medical hair loss, the funds are then used to purchase wigs for those unable to afford them. So more than one person will benefit from your donation.

Watch the beautiful story of 3 year Emily, who donated her hair to help kids in need.

Is my hair suitable for donation?

In order for your hair to be usable by wig manufacturers it needs to be a minimum of 30cm long, it should be not permanently coloured (hair with a rinse is okay), permed or grey.

I have had my hair cut off a very long time ago and kept it in a cupboard, can I still donate my hair?

You certainly can, as long as the hair is still is in good condition and hasn’t been permed or coloured.

I want to donate my hair what do I need to do?

You should wash and thoroughly dry your hair, and then place it securely in a pony tail with an elastic band before having it cut by a hairdresser or cutting it yourself. Cut the ponytail off above the elastic band and then place more elastic bands along the length of the hair at intervals, four should be enough, (this is to make sure that all the hair is kept flowing in the same direction from root to tip, and is very important). Hair that has been cut and placed in a ponytail then plaited is also okay.

Your ponytail can then be placed in a plastic bag (it's best to cut the corners off the plastic bag so, if the hair is a bit damp, then it won't go mouldy!) and sent to the

Princess Charlotte Foundation at:
Locked Bag 2468
St Leonards, NSW 1590

Please make sure you include your contact details so that we can thank you. If you need more information please contact us.